Absent in the body…

My last post I touched on a pending death in our family, and yesterday my sweet grandma was called home to the Lord. This is an extremely difficult time for our family.  She has overcome much illness in this past year. Ultimately her kidneys failed, and other organs quickly followed suit. She had been on morphine and once we began to increase that dosing things progressed faster.

All of her kids were there as well as the majority of her grandkids. I have mentioned before, but I am a nurse and I have been on the “work” end of several passings. Generally in my experience it has been a Code situation and we worked to revive. In this case we could only watch, and pray she was comfortable.

In regards to my son and discussing it, I kept it very superficial only assuring him she was no longer in pain and that she was with Papa and the Lord.

I so wish that I knew what heaven was like, do you? I even went through Revelation today to maybe try to get an image of what that will be like. I just want to know how quickly she was there, and was the Lord waiting right there for her? Was her husband who passed in 2006 waiting with open arms?

Praying for you


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