I never thought I’d be here…

There are probably 1000s of blogs that start out” I never intended on starting this”. However. It is true. Welcome to this page. You will more than likely quickly observe that I am not very tech savvy, and that most images or headlines are pretty standard “new blog” basic.  However that is not the point.

The point is that I do actually love to write. I perhaps even have thoughts or feelings that may be of use to someone else. I pray that’s the case . I pray that the small part of my conscience that said to start a blog online knew that someone reading it would be blessed or at the least get a laugh (with me or at me I don’t know)

My name is Casey. I am a thirty something wife, mom, step-mom, and a registered nurse. I also love God with all my heart and continue to try to do my best in his eyes, though often I fail.

I named the blog  “School on the Porch”.  We have decided as a family that my now kindergarten will best be served learning at home with my husband and I. There has been months of prayer, and planning, and you tube videos, and curriculum reviews, and talking to other moms on just HOW to go about it. I mean it’s just ABCs at this point right?

But it is the vast responsibility of what this all entails that makes me want to hide! I will not hide, but I will start an online journal. Perhaps you found this because you too are your childs’ teacher or at least are considering it and need a little reminder you aren’t alone. Guess what? I need that too.

So if its Gods will, I will be documenting what my school looks like, what we do, what we use, and more importantly how my son reacts.  Perhaps by my baby steps I can help someone else feel more comfortable in this exciting and blessed role. I am fully prepared to throw away the Pinterest mom mentality and be candid and real and probably emotional. If all goes well you will also potentially get post regarding other facets of my life. Forgive me…I may really like the outlet 🙂

Praying for you



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